About Us

Established track record of

more than 20 years

Simon Davies, the founder of TopLine Growth Consulting, has more than 20 years’ experience in sales,
sales leadership and executive business management at the highest level. He has worked for major global brands, initially as a sales consultant, working his way through the ranks becoming the Regional Sales
Manager, the National Sales Manager and then the Sales Director responsible for teams spread across 9 countries. This journey offers a unique perspective which spans all organizational levels. Through the implementation of a comprehensive sales strategy he grew annual revenue from R300 Million to almost
R1 Billion. When that business was sold to its American partner Simon became the Managing Director of an established South African business and grew the revenue of that business by 132% over a 3-year period.

Having worked closely with clients in many different industries and countries and seeing the challenges
they faced in growing their business in a sustainable way Simon decided to create TopLine Growth Consulting to share his knowledge and expertise to assist his clients in achieving their growth potential. Simon remains a significant shareholder of two successful South African businesses and actively expands his business network across the region.

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