Consultation Services

  • TopLine Growth Consulting consults with your shareholders and the executive team to help you define your growth vision and assess your company’s culture and appetite for growth.
  • TopLine Growth Consulting surveys your client base and reviews your product mix, pricing, competitor activity and the market environment. We look for possible differentials we can exploit to gain additional traction in the market and identify areas of development in your business that are required to achieve the growth vision
  • TopLine Growth Consulting assesses your production and customer support models and advises on next steps to create a scalable solution to support the required growth. We develop new processes and procedures to upscale or downscale as required all with an eye on the bottom line and delivering an outstanding service to your clients.
  • TopLine Growth Consulting reviews your marketing strategy and aligns the strategy to the growth vision. This includes a review of your branding, online presence and social media reach.
  • TopLine Growth Consulting assists you in recruiting the right sales professionals to drive the business forward and offers coaching and mentoring for sales staff. We create attainable targets and review sales rewards.
  • TopLine Growth Consulting creates accurate performance measurement tools to enable you to accurately measure the business against the growth vision
  • TopLine Growth Consulting assesses your costs and offers an impartial review of all expenses with the aim of improving profitability without sacrificing the customer experience.

Additional Services

  • Mentoring and life coaching for key staff.
  • Change management services.
  • Accounting and tax services.
  • Review of your company’s employee benefits and IR Procedures and processes to ensure you retain the best staff and improve the performance of your team.
  • Review of your MOI, buy sell agreements, keyman insurance and business contingency plans to ensure your business can continue to operate effectively.
  • Review of your branding and corporate image and support in the design of campaigns, online and social media presence as well as a review of your online transactional abilities.
  • Review of customer contracts and identification of areas of risk.

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